Enhance Your Child's English Skills with Our Exciting International Education Program!
Our international education program is specially designed for children who have returned from abroad or graduated from an international preschool.
It aims to further develop their English language skills in a fun and engaging way.

Focus on Speaking, Reading, and Writing
Our program not only focuses on speaking but also emphasizes reading and writing.
By doing so, we aim to enhance the English proficiency they have already cultivated.
We go beyond fixed responses and help children express their opinions and emotions more freely in English. This, in turn, enhances their communication skills.
Who Can Join

This course is perfect for elementary school students from grade 1 to grade 6 who are comfortable spending a day in English. It is open to both returnees and graduates from international preschools. Additionally, we welcome ENGLISH QUEST students who have reached a certain level (from grade 1 to grade 3).


Enrollment is available for students from grade 1 to grade 3. For grade 4 and above, please get in touch with us to inquire about availability.

To enroll in this course, a level check test is required, and the admission decision will be based on the test results.

Our classes run from Mondays to Fridays, making it convenient for parents and students. The classes are held from 14:00 to 19:00, with the option to extend until 20:00 if needed.

Project-Based Learning

Through TryAngleKids Project-Based Learning (TAK PBL), children engage in exciting projects that explore the world, nature, and technology. This not only improves their English vocabulary and expressions but also broadens their knowledge related to the projects. Collaborating with teachers and peers during these projects enhances their English communication skills.

Experiential Learning

We offer many enriching experiences to deepen the understanding of the projects. Students participate in social studies excursions, experience world cultures like Halloween parades, and receive lessons from experts. These authentic experiences and interactions with specialists are designed to nurture children's rich sensibilities, broaden their perspectives, and foster the development of caring attitudes through cooperative activities with teachers and peers.

Afterschool Care

We provide afterschool care from Monday to Friday, and we are flexible to extend the care until 20:00. Your child can make the best use of their valuable time after school in a meaningful way at TryAngleKids.

International Competency and English Proficiency

Through TryAngleKids PBL (TAK Project-Based Learning), children develop essential social skills and English proficiency to improve their problem solving and critical thinking skills. They learn critical thinking skills, develop an English mindset, enhance listening abilities, and practice correct pronunciation through All-English thought-based lessons.

Experienced Instructors

Our instructors have ample experience in preparing students for IELTS, TOEFL, and Eiken tests. The permanent bilingual instructors hold teaching certifications for elementary, middle, and high school levels, as well as qualifications as childcare workers. They understand child development and are professionals in native and bilingual education. Additionally, other instructors are actively engaged as current teachers in English immersion programs at prestigious international schools, known for their expertise in international education.


Daily Schedule



After school, students have the opportunity to do their homework and enjoy free play with games, reading, and crafts. Our dedicated team of international instructors and certified teachers support them throughout, creating a nurturing environment that fosters enjoyable English learning.



Enjoyable snack time! We provide snacks helps replenish energy and enhances concentration during lessons, leading to more effective learning.


Lesson ①

We aim to deepen the students' grasp of the project theme while also improving their vocabulary. The lessons involve various writing and communication activities to enhance their language skills.


Lesson ②

We help students progress in learning projects by exploring topics related to the theme. Experiential learning is an immersive process where students engage in critical thinking and study while using English.


Free Time  Goodbye Time

Parents have the option to pick up their children personally, or we provide designated transportation for those who prefer it. We also offer extended care until 20:00, ensuring flexibility to accommodate parents' schedules.